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Biblical Storyteller Programs & Interactive Story-Based Workshops


Jenny Grace has a unique storytelling style where each of her stories are created as a 20-minute (+/-) vignette.​

If you are looking for a luncheon presentation, select one vignette.  If you are looking for a keynote presentation or program for your event, then select 2 or 3 of the programs listed below.​

Travel, accommodations, meals and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the hiring party.

(1)  Just Say Yes

The Bible story that will be related is Jonah. God had called him to spread a message to a nation that was not doing what was right. However, Jonah didn’t want this job. He had many reasons, one of which was unforgiveness. But Jonah eventually did say yes to God. It would have been much easier had Jonah agreed when first called to speak Gods message.

(2)  God’s Mission Possible

All other messages will self-destruct. Fulfilling your God given purpose even when others are attempting to destroy your efforts. Main story: Nehemiah building the wall.

(3)  looking for Opinions in all the Wrong Places?

The theme is letting God resolve your conflicts. God communicates to each of us in a unique way, but with His purpose in mind.

(4)  Embracing your God given Talents

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We can’t compare our gifts and talents. They are all good even if we think we only have one.

(5)  Going on a Spiritual Journey?

Call Angels Tour and Moving Company.  They come highly recommended. Built around the Biblical story of Abraham. When God told Abraham to go, he obeyed despite not knowing exactly from where or how his provision would come. 


Got an Idea for a Custom Program?

Jenny wants to hear from you.  If you are having a special event, and would like Jenny Grace to entertain your group, please contact her with your ideas.  (Additional fees will apply for custom-created programs.)