Rave Reviews

avatar"I attended several of Jenny Morris' classes during Barefoot Mastermind. Jenny makes learning fun! She brings humor into her delivery of useful information and creates scenarios for interpersonal role play and practical application. Role play can go in any direction as does life; Jenny knows how to bring the situation full circle to achieve her goal."

Cathy Anne Sharpe Credendino, RN, CSRC, CJRC (Westchester County, New York)
avatar"Jenny is an extraordinarily creative, expressive presenter and highly engaging. I have seen several of her presentations and each one is full of great content and humor. She has rich talent."

Rev. Evan Bush, MCLC, CCLC (Cape Coral, Florida)
avatar"Jenny Morris is an engaging speaker who takes the audience right along side her as she talks from the heart. She can make the story come alive!"

Cheri Mabbitt, MA.Ed in Human Relations (NAU) and CCWC, CSRC, CJRC (Arizona)
avatar"...I could not have survived in the way I did without the help of Jenny cheering me on and her knowledge of scripture. I cannot say enough about her. I will always be one of her biggest fans and continue to sing her praises!!..."

Robin Allman, Certified Christian Life Coach (Canton, GA)
avatar"The Lord used Jenny Grace Morris to help me have a breakthrough experience and to help me to become clearer and more focused about an area that He wants me to serve him in. Thanks again, Jenny!"

Bill Houlihan, MCLC, CCLC, CSRC, CCWC, CJRC (Chicago, Illinois)
avatar"Jenny’s content-rich presentations have been a blessing since I first heard her speak seven years ago. But the biggest bonus is her infectious sense of humor that makes every one of them entertaining, as well. I love Jenny’s style!"

Debbie Lee Stankovich, MCLC (Seattle, WA)
avatar"I have had the opportunity to hear Jenny Grace Morris present on several occasions at the Barefoot Mastermind conferences over the years.
Jenny has a natural ability to engage and captivate her listeners using her extensive communication skills.
She is an expert at using creative ways to challenge her listeners to expand their thinking processes while making the experience not only memorable but enjoyable as well! I would highly recommend Jenny for any public speaking event."

Sue Bryant, Certified Quasar Coach (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

“Thank you Jenny for being my first life coach and helping me to go deeper within myself so that I can help others break barriers, overcome limiting beliefs, and change their mindsets towards the way they think about themselves, their finances, others, God, and their past, present and future.”

Jennifer Gray
“Had my first full day on the floor at PH today. How blessed am I?  Such a peaceful, precious, calm and secure consciousness. Palpable.  So grateful to you for mentioning PH when we talked. Grateful I obeyed when I heard to call you!!! You will forever hold that gratitude spot in my heart!”

Susan C.