Christian Coaching Testimonials

“Jenny has help me at each session to see more concretely, the actions I can take, rather than just imagining that I can’t. She always helps me believe in myself and my abilities and my idea which changes my perception of the tasks I need to do. The tasks seem more do-able!”

“Jenny is so gifted at “turning down the volume” Of the negative self -talk that I seem to be dealing with all the time. I love the positive, loving views and focus she brings to the process.”

M.J from Missouri

“Jenny helped by asking good questions about different things I love about aspects of my work. She helped me set goals about how to move forward for working on publicity, gathering clients more aspects of growing my business.”

E.B from Tennessee

“Jenny reminded me that God does not plant thoughts into my mind for no reason. She encouraged me to do the work that is required to move forward. Focusing on the possibilities of the future had been helpful to release fear. This guidance has been very helpful it reminds me I need to be disciplined in my thoughts and actions.”

S.M.C From. Missouri

“Jenny Morris has provided me with immeasurable guidance and even emotional and spiritual support in my self-evaluation of what is most important to me at this time of my life and career. She’s also very kind and her gentle demeanor inserts a comforting presence when alleviating stress and fear is required in order to be calm and focus thought in the right direction.”

“When it’s time to get calm, get clear, prioritize and dig deep, I’d highly recommend calling Jenny.”

S.C from Missouri

“I have a hard time focusing unless I have someone to really hold me accountable but even more so really reminding me to look at my situation and the people in it through God’s eyes. It is working but as God states when there are two or more together gathered in His name He is there. I know this to be true after watching my progress as I was working with you and while I am still progressing and moving forward it isn’t happening as quickly as it was when I was working with you. With that said, I was wondering if I could hire you for the month of January to continue to help me set and achieve goals for my business as well and most importantly show me how to view my life the way God sees it. I have never looked at the bible and saw such results until I started working with you.”

GK. From North Dakota