What is Christian Coaching & How Do We Work?


What is Christian Coaching & How Do We Work?

Many who consider themselves Christian coaches may answer this question differently, however, my practice starts with the Bible.

I learned my craft by completing two certification courses, after which I trained new students how to coach while building my own coaching practice.

Whether a client is looking for a solution or direction in his or her personal life or business, I open the Bible for guidance. Rather than trying to hunt for answers within ourselves, I believe the better way is to let the Holy Spirit reveal it to us.

I discussed the importance of niches within the coaching industry with a well known secular coach. She thought that Christian coaching itself was a niche.

I disagreed. I do coach through the lens of Biblical Principles and stories. My private practice focuses on Career coaching and spiritual development and sessions are held by phone.

I find working with non-profits, ministries, and organizational coaches are a great fit for my coaching programs. Those people who are led to use their skills to help other people. Those who feel they have a “‘calling” and the skills to help people. I show clients how to use their voice to do good in the world!

My journey to completing a variety of coaching certifications began by completing the one on one Premier Christian Life Coaching Course, with Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA), followed by receiving my Masters certification from this prestigious school and  was hired to become a trainer for new students by Dr. Leelo Bush, who along with her husband, are the founders of PCCCA. I still maintain that position today.  For more information go to http://pccca.org/christian-life-coach-training-certification

Dr. Bush recognized that my underlying strength was in relationships and communication skills, and together we co-authored a course that trains coaches and students on Relationships and Communication, based on Biblical Principles. 

It is not necessary that my clients be Christian, but it is important for them to know that my focus is on God’s purpose for their lives and my practice starts there.

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