​​What is Biblical Storytelling?

According to Wikipedia, “Biblical storytellers place themselves in line with the tradition of the Biblical time-period” since the normal mode of engaging with the Bible during that time was through recording events and then retelling the stories.

Biblical storytelling, Jenny Grace Morris

Why Should We Tell Stories?

“I love to tell stories from the Bible because I see how each related to our challenges today.  We learn from history and most importantly we discover how and why we should trust God with our lives.  The Bible stories show us how to live our lives with peace, love, joy and an abundance of God’s treasures,” says Jenny Grace Morris.

Many who have never read the Bible before now become interested in scripture because it crosses time and cultural barriers to become relevant to today’s audience.

The Biblical Storytelling event provides irrefutable evidence of God’s love and power to change lives!​

​Making our Faith Relevant

It is not unusual today for church leadership to conduct major surveys on the topic of connecting with the congregation during worship and the resulting vitality of the church. They inquire whether worship usually includes various types of visuals, electric guitars, or visual projection, etc. … but they don’t delve into whether scripture is read during those times.

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It could be said that reading from the Bible in public is indeed declining. David Roozen, a religion researcher, identified this as a “…profound religious and foundational” mega trend in religion in North America.  He says that there is a shift happening toward focus on the Spirit and away from the Word of God itself.  It is not unusual for church leadership to see worshipers tune out during times the Bible is read.  But there is a solution.

Within the results of their inquiries, they discovered that worshipers focus alertly on biblical storytelling.  Biblical storytellers are today creating more engagement with worshipers by presenting biblical stories than singing hymns.​

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