Being so shy and quiet was truly an obstacle

By Jeanine Grich Clontz | Clarify Your Calling

May 19

Being so shy and quiet was truly an obstacle

Have you ever been shy? Perhaps you still are. Are you wondering if this is it and there is no possibility of change? As a child I didn’t know I was shy, I just knew it felt safer to hide behind my mother when people spoke to me, and have my mom always answer for me. I had a few friends, but never took the leadership role. I was considered the quiet one. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to participate, it was simply that I didn’t have anything to say; or so I thought.  

As I reached high school and college, I attracted people who were talkative; people who enjoyed the fact that I was a good listener. But I wanted more for my life than to be in the background. 

In Sunday school the teacher talked about how Christ healed people of diverse problems and gave examples of Christian healing in her life, yet it didn’t register that shyness was a challenge I could turn over to God.  

During my college years my thoughts about myself were so turbulent that I was afraid to make eye contact with fellow students in the hallway. I started to realize that being so shy and quiet was truly an obstacle.  

Healing started as I turned to God with all my heart

College ended but the shyness continued. I went to a party with my boyfriend and I was unable to connect with anyone. I found an empty room and stayed there until he came to find me. We did not remain a couple. A few years after our breakup I finally started to gain the tools I needed to be a great conversationalist. It wasn’t easy.  

It occurred to me that through the years I encountered many people who had physical difficulties, which could have made them withdrawn or shy away from others, yet they had confidence in their other abilities, interacted well with everyone, and participated in activities, without dwelling on their disabilities. I wondered if I could do the same.

Healing started as I turned to God with all my heart. One evening I was walking by myself on the beautiful grounds of a local university and praying fervently to God, asking for release from this burden, when the thought came to me that there were so many future opportunities for me to bless others if I felt at ease and could communicate wisely and effectively. I don’t remember exactly when this timidity lifted or how long it took, but the process had started.  

A few ideas towards healing

These are a few ideas that have helped me along the way towards healing:

1. I had faith that God had the power to take away the pain and fear associated with feeling apprehensive around people. 

2. I trusted God to help me, and not look for causes for my demeanor. 

3. I studied scripture and related to Moses’ speech impediment, when he feared to confront Pharaoh. He was assured that God would be with his mouth and teach him what to say. This would be true for me also.

4. I clung to the idea of selfless involvement and began the process by asking people questions about their lives until reaching out became second nature.

5. I needed to let go of prejudging what others might think of me. Every one of us are God’s children and we have been given the ability to see affable talents and qualities in each other as well as in ourselves.

Today no one ever believes I was shy

Now, many years later (a lady never tells her age), I am a performer who-enacts Susan B. Anthony with a trio of other “her-storical” women (depicted in photo), a voice actor, an emcee at events, a member of our local National speakers association and a coach, helping women clarify their calling.  

Today no one ever believes I was shy. My daughter tells me that I have gone a little too far in the other direction because I start a conversation with people wherever I go.  

If you have any similar feelings about being shy, uncomfortable speaking in front of people, or considered the quiet one, and want healing, I can assure you that what God did for me he can do for you. “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8 NLT

From a recent interview with Deb Morrison of Greater in Jesus is Me

Jenny Grace Morris has a BA degree in social work, and added the most important element, God, as the ultimate healer. How could any difficulty be resolved without prayer for the right solutions?

Jenny Grace received her CCLC, MCLC, Stress Relief Coach© and Quasar Life Coach© certification, then developed the Relationship Communication Specialist© training and certification program in collaboration with Dr. Leelo Bush.

Jenny Grace has spoken at a variety of national, international and local conferences throughout the years. She especially loves uplifting others through her engaging presentations laced with stories from the Bible, making them highly relevant and interactive with contemporary subject matter.

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