Embrace the Role you were Born to Play!

By Jeanine Grich Clontz | Bible Based

Apr 01

Embrace the role you were Born to play!

“I’m going to my friends house for a Seder dinner this year,” I told my church friends. What’s Seder they asked? “The story of Passover,  which was being celebrated at “the last supper, and made famous by The Holy Bible and Leonardo DeVinci.” 

“Oh yes, the story of the Red Sea parting,” they concurred. “Well there’s more to the story than that,” I explained.” Before the Israelites had gathered their belongings and headed towards the land of milk and honey, Pharaoh had refused to let them leave, even though the Egyptians faced 10 plagues because of his refusal. The last plague brought devastation to the country, but had a desirable outcome for the Hebrews. The plague: the death of the first born sons of each household in the land. God told Moses that the Israelite families would be spared, all they needed to do was to sacrifice a lamb and put the blood on the door of their homes so that death would Passover their houses. Today, and throughout history, the Celebration of safety from this plague is called Passover.” 

During this year’s plague, I often read the 91st Psalm which includes the words, “no Plague shall come nigh my dwelling”.  I told my mom about this and sent her a beautiful picture of the 91st psalm and suggested we should all be putting this on our doors. She readily agreed and said she was going to start the trend. Will you share this prayer of protection and put the 91st psalm on your door? Click here to share!

Jenny Morris has a BA degree in social work, and added the most important element, God, as the ultimate healer. How could any difficulty be resolved without prayer for the right solutions?

Jenny received her CCLC, MCLC, Stress Relief Coach© and Quasar Life Coach© certification, then developed the Relationship Communication Specialist© training and certification program in collaboration with Dr. Leelo Bush.

Jenny has spoken at a variety of national, international and local conferences throughout the years. She especially loves uplifting others through her engaging presentations laced with stories from the Bible, making them highly relevant and interactive with contemporary subject matter.

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