Learning to Acknowledge Our Gifts & Talents & Those of Others

By Jeanine Grich Clontz | Career Transitions

Aug 19

Learning to Acknowledge Our Gifts and Talents and Those of Others

I recently read an article by Thomas Nelson that connected with me on several levels and reaches my gifts to help people “Clarify Their Calling Gift”.

Nelson said, “We can find freedom in acknowledging our differences — and freedom feels good.” And, “The reality is, however, that our gifts are often for the benefit of others.”

See the entire Article, “Using Your Gifts and Talents”, here: https://bit.ly/3gPsMj4JennyGrace

I’ve always believed my gifts and talents are definitely for the benefit of those around me and I openly share my gifts in a number of ways. Many of my clients are women and at times we struggle identifying and sharing our gifts as God meant. I agree with Nelson that we can sometimes feel envious of other’s gifts and talents and fail to acknowledge the difference in our gifts and how best to use them for the betterment of ourselves and others.

At a time when we all share questions of the discovery of our talents and gifts as it relates to our careers,  I encourage you to consider my  5 Tips to Career Transition and Growth. Then schedule a complimentary 30-minute Clarify your Calling Session here: https://jennygracemorris.com/calendar/ 

Isn’t it time to re-discover your new niche career? Don’t let the pandemic keep you from reaching your goals and sharing those gifts and talents that make you the special individual you were meant to be.

Jenny Morris has a BA degree in social work, and added the most important element, God, as the ultimate healer. How could any difficulty be resolved without prayer for the right solutions?

Jenny received her CCLC, MCLC, Stress Relief Coach© and Quasar Life Coach© certification, then developed the Relationship Communication Specialist© training and certification program in collaboration with Dr. Leelo Bush.

Jenny has spoken at a variety of national, international and local conferences throughout the years. She especially loves uplifting others through her engaging presentations laced with stories from the Bible, making them highly relevant and interactive with contemporary subject matter.

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