My Story in Anthology for RBG

By Jeanine Grich Clontz | Career Transitions

Jun 15

My Story in Anthology for RBG

Amazing opportunities come often as a result of being consistent in the work you are doing to bless others. Recently, I was asked to write my story for a chapter in an Anthology about RBG’s (Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s) effect on women’s rights.

I’m excited to share my view of what a true inspiration she was for me. I admire how she effectively stood up for Principle.  

The book will be launched on Thursday, June 24th for a special rate of $1.99 USD (but only the low price for the first 24-48 hours)

 So please, mark your calendar for our incredibly special day and watch for my posts on June 24th!

Keep expecting a new idea to come your way.  

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