Ask Amazing Grace: I feel like I’m under attack

By Jenny Morris | Uncategorized

Jan 25

Q: I feel like I’m under attack. All these problems have come at the same time, why is this happening?

A: This question arises amongst many faithful believers. I remember a woman in a church I visited had said it was obvious that God didn’t want her living in that city because all she experienced since she arrived was one bad situation after another and this must be a sign. I told her that God doesn’t speak to us through fear and tribulation. If this city wasn’t right for her, she would have a peace about moving on.God would take her to another destination but it would come through a loving direction rather than despair. Immediately she relaxed and appreciated that perspective. She was relieved to know that Gods nature wouldn’t put her in harms way.
I have experienced times though when something didn’t feel right. Nothing bad happened but it was what I call “Spiritual Intuition” The situation wasn’t right or perhaps the person whom I encountered was not a good fit for me. This is one of Gods’ ways to prevent negative circumstances in our lives.

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