Clarify Your Calling!

By Jenny Morris | Career Transitions

May 12

Clarify Your Calling

Embrace the role you were born to play!

What does it mean to Clarify your Calling?

In the past few years, I had the privilege of meeting with teenage girls in my home.  “Privileged?” you might ask.

        These extraordinary young women all struggled with an answer to the same question: what should I do with the rest of my life?  The need to explore this quest happened within minutes of us sitting down at my dining room table.

 The answer, of course, is not to focus on “the rest of your life” but what to do next. These girls were international students, missionaries, and high schoolers, all from different backgrounds. It gave me an opportunity to listen to their stories, interests, and frustrations which resulted in a deep conversation to help them clarify their calling.

So, what does “Clarify your Calling” exactly mean?  When any endeavor seems complicated, obscure or confusing, the starting point to shed light on the subject is to listen, uncover, and illumine all the elements that make each one of us unique. I listen for what makes an individual enthusiastic about the story they are telling. I watch the way their eyes light up when something is important, and how excited they are to share it. Then I ask questions that help a person to gain insight into their distinct purpose.

Everyone has a “Calling” or “Divine Design” that makes them of great value. It is easy for us to “miss the mark” and try to create our own blueprint without God’s help.

But If your heart’s desire is to find the calling that God has ordained for your life in order to experience the glories of His plan, it is easy if you daily start your prayers with “Thy will be done” Then ask God what He wants you to accomplish that day for His glory and guide you towards the next step to embracing the role you were born to play. Listen! “Your own ears will hear Him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go, whether to the right or to the left.” Isaiah 30:21

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Jenny Morris has a BA degree in social work, and added the most important element, God, as the ultimate healer. How could any difficulty be resolved without prayer for the right solutions?

Jenny received her CCLC, MCLC, Stress Relief Coach© and Quasar Life Coach© certification, then developed the Relationship Communication Specialist© training and certification program in collaboration with Dr. Leelo Bush.

Jenny has spoken at a variety of national, international and local conferences throughout the years. She especially loves uplifting others through her engaging presentations laced with stories from the Bible, making them highly relevant and interactive with contemporary subject matter.

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